Buster’s Set To Open Again


After being closed on Monday and Tuesday to put the finishing touches on renovations at the restaurant, Buster’s Sports Bar will be reopening its doors today, not only as Buster’s, but also as the new home of Wimpy’s.
“We’re adding Wimpy’s,” said Buster’s new owner, Terry R. Vernsey. Mr. Vernsey had previously owned the restaurant from 1995 to 2003, before selling the business to his father and moving to Florida. “I’m back to run the restaurant,” he said, “My dad’s ready to retire.”

While Wimpy’s may have a new home, Mr. Vernsey said that he wanted people to know that Wimpy’s itself has not changed. “She’s still going to make all the sauce. She has the recipe and she’s the only one who has it,” he said, referring to Jeanine T. Relling, who purchased Wimpy’s from her father, the late George Wells in 1948.
“It’s good to be back,” she said, “It’s the sauce that people want and they will be selling freezer packs, along with your favorite Wimpy’s items covered in the sauce.”

While Wimpy’s entire menu isn’t making the move to Buster’s, Ms. Relling said that everyone’s traditional Wimpy’s favorites, including Wimpy Burgers and Texas Hots will be available. The move to Buster’s also now means that Wimpy’s can be delivered to your home.
“We deliver anything off our menu and that includes Wimpy’s,” Mr. Vernsey said, “I think and I hope that will be a big draw for them and for us.”

Ms. Relling agreed, “We’ve never really delivered Wimpy’s before, but now you can get them right at your front door. We’re only a phone call away.”

The addition of Wimpy’s though is only the beginning of the what’s new at Busters, although Mr. Vernsey said that he wanted to stress their menu was remaining the same. “Our menu is remaining the same and our cooks are the same. It’s the same great food we’ve had for the past 16 years.”
Work completed includes the installation of several new flatscreen televisions, new carpeting, renovations to the rest rooms and the installation of an ice vat that replaced the beer coolers at their bar. Patrons will also notice a new salad bar, that Mr. Vernsey said is over 20 feet long.
“We’re going to have more than 40 items on it,” he said.

While Mr. Vernsey said that he was excited about the renovations and additions at Buster’s, he didn’t want to schedule a grand re-opening and give people the wrong idea. “I didn’t schedule a grand-reopening, because I don’t want people to think anything has changed,” he said, “It was time. It’s been 16 years and we needed a little renovating.”
Buster’s is located at 1130 Paterson Street and may be reached by calling 393-3545.